Sen. John Barrasso: Democrats’ No. 1 Goal Is Passing S1 where You Don’t Need to Have a Voter ID Anymore – Making It Easier for Democrats to Cheat (VIDEO)

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) joined Maria Bartiromo Sunday on Sunday Morning Futures.

During his interview, Barrasso exposed the true intentions to pass their S1 legislation so they can cheat.

Senator John Barrasso: What I see is what the Democrats are trying to do now, they have a two-pronged approach. The one is these very liberal policies that are coming forward on amnesty and on the civilian climate corps. The things that are expensive that we can’t afford, that are bad for the country, that are bad policy. And then there is this second trek which is to undermine elections and integrity of elections in this country making it easier for Democrats to cheat. What they want to do, that is there number one priority bill is S1 which says OK, you don’t need to have voter ID anymore. Oh, and let’s have ballot harvesting where they have their paid operatives go door-to-door and pick up ballots. And then, of course, they want the government to fund the elections. All of these things undermine the elections. And on top of that they want to make the District of Columbia a state with two more Democrat senators making it much harder for Republicans to take the senate. And finally they’re talking about stacking the Supreme Court…

…Part of what the Democrats are doing with S1 is to take the power away from the states, give it to the federal government so they can have unilateral control making it much easier for them to cheat.

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Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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