Russia Taunts Weakness of West and Biden Regime as Invasion of Ukraine Enters Third Day — Russia Pounds Ukrainian Cities, Military Convoy Destroyed

Ukrainian troops inspect the smoldering remains of what they said was a destroyed Russian military convoy near Kyiv early on Saturday.

The Russian military pounded Ukrainian cities on Saturday with artillery and cruise missiles for the third day of their invasion of Ukraine.

Reuters reported:

As hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians fled westwards towards the European Union, top Russian security official and ex-president Dmitry Medvedev said Moscow’s military operations would be waged relentlessly until their goals were achieved.

Ignoring weeks of Western warnings, President Vladimir Putin launched a three-pronged invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, saying the “neo-Nazis” in power in Kyiv threatened Russia’s security. The assault threatens to upend Europe’s post-Cold War order.

In a significant ratcheting up of Russia’s rhetoric, Medvedev said new Western sanctions were a sign of the West’s impotence in the standoff and hinted at a severing of diplomatic ties, saying it was time to “padlock the embassies”.

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