“REPUBLICAN” Maricopa County Recorder “Sloppy” Stephen Richer Writes CNN Hit Piece Against Audit & Supporters

The Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is CNN’s newest audit correspondent.

Stephen Richer, a “Republican” actually wrote a piece for CNN, his most trusted news source.

It wasn’t that long ago that Richer was a Democrat graduate student.

Stephen Richer Back In The Day

An astute Thomas Sowell fan destroyed his ridiculous analogy relating a full forensic election audit to a car repair.

What happened to trusting the experts? by RINO Stephen Richer

Stephen Richer is not only out of touch with the people that elected him, he is utterly out of touch with reality.

Stephen writes,

When I hurt my knee, I went to an orthopedic surgeon. When I built my house, I hired an architect. I give my taxes to an accountant, my teeth to a dentist, my car to the Nissan dealership and my hair to Great Clips (there’s not much left of it anyway).
These people have experience, education, certificates and recommendations.
And yet, in the arena of government and public policy, many no longer seem to care about expertise.
The Arizona Senate hired the CyberNinjas who are application security experts and Cyfir who are digital security experts. The Arizona audit is in good hands.
In fact, a few years ago CyFir was demonstrating some software with the Federal Office of Personnel Management. 
Steve knows too. He isn’t stupid.
Over the past year, much of the country has ignored the consensus health advice of epidemiologists and virologists, instead putting stock in random YouTube videos and internet conspiracy theorists.
In schools, the opinion of teachers about how kids best learn no longer matters to some. Average Joes somehow know better, despite the fact that “Joe” hasn’t set foot in a high school classroom since he graduated at age 18.
Regarding whatever the most recent Supreme Court opinion may be, many Twitter users happily subscribe to the catchy analysis of somebody who hasn’t gone to law school, has never practiced appellate law, has never written about appellate law and has seemingly not even read the Court’s opinion.
Perhaps some of this is understandable. Bureaucratic experts have failed the country and even lied on several occasions. President Joe Biden promised to listen to experts for White House decision-making, and yet commentators of all political stripes agree that the Afghanistan withdrawal was a deadly demonstration of incompetence.
And the past year and a half has produced a confusing, ever-changing and sometimes contradicting series of edicts on Covid from the local, state and federal officials.
We must demand better from our public policy and government experts. We must make sure people in government leadership positions are installed due to their abilities, not because of the political favors they offer or because of the donations they’ve made. We need to make sure decisions come from groups of experts and aren’t derailed by the ego or intellectual prejudices of one person. We also need better ways of assessing government bureaucratic experts. And we need to be able to immediately and easily fire government employees should they fail.
But regarding expertise, we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
You wouldn’t do this in your personal life. If an auto repair shop failed you once, you wouldn’t react by taking your car repair to somebody who had never before worked on a car.
This is called a red herring.
This is not a COVID-19 issue and health advice or medicines including Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, which are censored on youtube, have been proven to be effective against COVID-19.
This is also not an Afghanistan issue. It is, however, the root cause of the current Afghanistan crisis. Stolen elections have consequences.
He even attacks his own constituency, calling us “average Joes” who “somehow know better.” 
Yeah, you probably do know what is best for your kid.
Then, he says you wouldn’t trust someone who screwed you once.
Why should we trust the Government right now after they’ve been screwing us for our whole lives? 
How woke is this guy?
Unfortunately, that’s essentially what has happened to elections in Arizona.
Following the November 2020 presidential election, Arizona worked to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the vote. The number of checks and tests run are too numerous to exhaust in this article, but they include:

Stephen Richer ran on a platform of removing the “incompetent criminal” Adrian Fontes from office after the horrible 2018 election that he oversaw. He said he was going to clean up the voter rolls, clean up our elections, and “Make The County Recorders Office Boring Again” To us this meant that he was going to do his job right, fix our elections, and we would probably never see his face.

He used his cheap Trump slogan to utilize Trump’s enormous grassroots army and win a campaign because of the hard-working volunteers that he now stomps on.

What he is doing now is the exact opposite of what he ran on. He now applauds the amazing work done by his predecessor last year, the one he ran on being a criminal election thief.  He is opposed to a canvass of the 2020 election, to ensure accurate voter rolls. He is opposed to a Senate-led audit. Instead, he would prefer his own department to investigate itself. 

And he is actually writing news pieces for CNN. He ran on the disgusting anti-Republican behavior out of Adrian Fontes, saying that it was a threat to the elections. This guy is now writing news pieces for CNN. 

Are you freaking kidding me?

Who the hell does this guy think he is?

Doug Logan is 100% correct. This audit was 24/7 live-streamed with numerous checks and balances to ensure security and accuracy, probably more than our current government and volunteer observers from both parties.
Maricopa County failed to comply with legal and enforceable subpoenas for routers too. What a hypocrite!
“Dark money?” Who? The people of The United States of America? See, that’s what Steve pretends he doesn’t understand. This was the people’s audit.
After repeated delays by the County, the audit report is due to be released on September 24.
“Experts fail us”? did he just acknowledge that we were failed last election?

BREAKING – Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri in Leaked Audio: “It’s Not Just Arizona, It Was Georgia, It Was Michigan”

Our government fails us often. They seem to always lie to us. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Stephen Richer has also failed his party by abandoning the principles and fully embracing the left.
Stephen is not a leader. He is an establishment follower and his true colors are showing.

Stephen Richer despises us. He will never win another Republican election again less fraud is involved.

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