Report: Jamie Foxx Allegedly Paralyzed and Blinded Due to ‘Blood Clot in His Brain’ Following COVID-19 Shot, Veteran Hollywood Journalist Claims (VIDEO)

Jamie Foxx at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International, for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (Source: Gage Skidmore)

Hollywood actor and singer Jamie Foxx has been at the center of recent speculation regarding his health after reports emerged claiming he suffered from paralysis and blindness due to blood clots allegedly caused by the experimental COVID vaccine.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Jamie Foxx was hospitalized for a serious condition back in April during a shooting with Cameron Diaz.

Since his hospitalization, his family members have not released any details on what caused his medical emergency.

Many have speculated Foxx suffered a stroke due to the fact after he was released from the hospital the famed actor was receiving rehab at a facility in Chicago that specializes in stroke recovery.

Mike Tyson recently confirmed these speculations and in a podcast interview with Patrick Bet-David, Tyson stated Foxx “isn’t feeling well.”

The former heavyweight champion of the world continued “They said he (Foxx) had a stroke.”

“I have no idea what happened to him,” Tyson added.

According to Hollywood journalist A.J. Benza, who obtained details from a source close to Foxx, the actor is allegedly suffering from partial paralysis, blindness, and a range of other complications after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot. He did not want the shot, but the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it,” said Benza during an interview with Dr. Drew.

Fox3 Now reported:

Journalist A.J. Benza says he spoke to someone in the room with Jamie Foxx who said Foxx has a blood clot in the brain after getting vaccinated. According to the source Foxx did not want the vaccine but the movie studio forced him to get it if he wanted to stay in the film. No word on the accuracy of this claim yet.

During an episode of “Ask Dr. Drew,” the podcaster, who previously worked as a columnist for the New York Daily News and hosted the E! series Mysteries and Scandals, disclosed that Jamie Foxx had experienced a blood clot in his brain subsequent to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

The podcaster further revealed that Foxx had reservations about getting the vaccine but felt compelled to do so due to pressure from the film production he was involved with at the time.

Benza asserted that the blood clot in Foxx’s brain resulted in partial paralysis and blindness, claiming that his source, someone with direct knowledge of Foxx’s hospitalization, provided this information.

Benza went on to speculate whether this medical emergency was the underlying cause of Foxx’s recent outburst on set and the subsequent firing of several individuals, suggesting that Foxx may have reached a breaking point due to vaccine mandates.

Watch the interview below:

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