Report: ‘Caravana Madre’ With 95,000 Migrants to March Through Mexico to US Starting This Saturday

Univision reported Monday that over 95,000 migrants are expected to form the “Caravana Madre” (mother caravan) to march though Mexico to the United States beginning this weekend. The migrants are now in the southern Mexican border town of Tapachula, located near the border with Guatemala where they are scheduled to start their march to the U.S. border with Mexico on Saturday, October 23 at 6 a.m. local time. The migrants are said to be a mix of Haitians and Central Americans.

Screen image via Univision/MRC Latino.

Mexican activist Luis Garcia Villagran told Univision this is an “exodus from justice and poverty.” (excerpt, via Google translate)

Announce a new caravan of “more than 95,000 people” to the border

Simultaneously with the confirmation of intelligence work in the DHS, activists and organizations in Tapachula said that preparations are progressing for a gigantic march that would leave Tapachula (border between Mexico and Guatemala) heading north towards the south of the United States.

“It will start on 23 (October) because people have the need to walk. This is an exodus from justice and poverty. More than 95,000 people will march north to demand that the laws be respected and their rights respected. We are not conspiring against anyone, but helping people find a better life, ”says Luis García Villagrán, director of the Center for Human Dignification, AC in Tapachula.

Activists point out that it would be “the mother” of all the caravans and would confirm the fears expressed by Mayorkas at the end of September.

“Look, the US government should focus more on the reasons why people migrate. Especially knowing that in Honduras the gang is the State, it is a warehouse for drug trafficking destined for the United States. People in the countries are falling apart, that’s why they flee. No one is conspiring against anyone. Intelligence has to discover the reasons for the flight and demand that governments, like Mexico’s, respect the law, “he said.

García also said that “at the moment in Tapachula there are about 95,000 immigrants of different nationalities and we believe that by the end of December the number will exceed 145,000. This does not stop because they are not doing anything to stop the causes that cause the exodus, “he concluded.

The Media Research Center site MRC Latino posted a Univision video clip with translation to Twitter:

Migrants held a candlelight vigil for the caravan in Tapachula on Sunday.

This is the same caravan being organized that another leader said earlier this month is “ready for war

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