Rep. Ted Lieu Says There Has Always Been A Crisis At The Southern Border But That’s Not What He Said Under Trump

This week, there was a hearing in Congress on the Biden border crisis. Liberal Democrat Ted Lieu of California took issue with the name of the hearing. He insisted that there has been a crisis at the southern border for fifty years.

That is not – however – what he said when Trump was president.

Lieu’s opinion on the issue seems to change depending on who he can blame and who he wants to defend.

Townhall reports:

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Ted Lieu Said the Border Has Always Been a Crisis. Guess What He Said During Trump.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) stated during the House Judiciary Committee hearing about the border crisis on Wednesday that the southern border has always been in crisis, going back at least 50 years, but he sang a different tune when Donald Trump was president.

“This hearing is titled Biden’s Border Crisis.’ That is completely wrong. It is not Biden’s border crisis. This has been a crisis for over half a century,” he said.

Watch below:

Now, let’s look at what Lieu said about the border when Trump was president:

Ted Lieu’s chief of staff tweeted this in 2019:

Democrats don’t care about the truth. They care about the preservation of their power.

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