Rep. Cori Bush Blames ‘White Supremacy’ For Police Killing of Tyre Nichols, Calls for ‘Civilian Traffic Enforcement’

Far-left Congresswoman Cori Bush has issued a statement blaming “white supremacy” for the police killing of Tyre Nichols, despite everyone involved being black.

Rep. Bush is also calling for civilians to handle traffic enforcement.

Nichols, 29, died in the hospital three days after being brutally assaulted by five Memphis police officers during a traffic stop on January 10.

All five former officers — Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills Jr., Emmitt Martin III, and Justin Smith — have already been arrested and charged with second-degree murder, among other charges.

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In her statement, Rep. Bush began by saying that “Tyre Nichols should be alive today. He should be playing with his four-year-old son. He should be skateboarding and photographing sunsets. But instead, Tyre was brutally beaten to death by Memphis Police officers. And now, instead of seeing the photographs he took, the world watches Tyre crying out for his mother in his final moments of consciousness.

The extremely far-left politician said that charging the police is “not enough” and that the nation needs to dismantle “its racist policing system rooted in enslavement.”

“Charging the officers who brutalized Tyre is not enough,” Bush continued. “Our country will continue to sanction the taking of Black lives with impunity until it embraces an affirmative vision of public safety and dismantles its racist policing system rooted in enslavement and government control. And let’s be clear: merely diversifying police forces will never address the violent, racist architecture that underpins our entire criminal legal system. The mere presence of Black officers does not stop policing from being a tool of white supremacy.”

Rep. Bush continued on to call for “unarmed emergency first responder agencies, 911 diversion programs, civilian traffic enforcement” and other bizarre anti-police “solutions.”

“It is abundantly clear that rogue, militarized policing has never and will never keep us safe. Following a year of record-breaking police killings, prevention is the best path forward,” the congresswoman wrote. “Achieving genuine public safety requires investing in our communities. We need unarmed emergency first responder agencies, 911 diversion programs, civilian traffic enforcement, community-based and -led interventions, safe passage to school and violence interruption programs, behavioral health and crisis support treatment, nutrition support, housing security, and programs for youth and families, survivors of violence, and individuals exiting incarceration or criminal supervision.”

Towards the end of her statement, Rep. Bush once again blamed “the altar of white supremacy” for five black men murdering another black man.

“St. Louis and I mourn with Tyre’s family and echo their call to disband the SCORPION unit of the Memphis Police Department,” Rep. Bush wrote. “I will not stop advocating for a country where our government helps feed, house, educate and support our children, families, and community members, instead of slaughtering them at the altar of white supremacy. Rest in Power Tyre; it is in your name and the name of the thousands of other Black lives killed by police that we will keep pushing to not only end police brutality but dismantle the uniquely American racist and violent policing system.”

The congresswoman concluded with a call to action for her fellow lawmakers, writing, “to my colleagues in Congress: how many more people have to die at the hands of police for you to join our push for an unequivocal, affirmative public safety agenda that saves lives?”

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