Rep. Comer Confronts Yoel Roth About His Tweet Calling Trump and His Supporters “Actual Nazis” (VIDEO)

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday held a full committee hearing on government suppression of speech in regard to the Hunter Biden laptop report.

Here is the witness list:

Vijaya Gadde

Former Chief Legal OfficerTwitter

TRENDING: LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: House Oversight Committee Hearings on Twitter Files and Government-Social Media Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop – With Witnesses Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde, and James Baker

James Baker

Former Deputy General CounselTwitter

Yoel Roth

Former Global Head of Trust & SafetyTwitter

Annika Collier Navaroli

House Oversight Chairman James Comer confronted Yoel Roth about his tweet calling Trump and his supporters “actual Nazis.”

Yoel Roth’s voice was shaking as he answered Comer’s questions.

Yoel Roth said he “regrets the language” he used in the tweet.


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