Reality Bites: 94% of Americans Upset or Concerned with Joe Biden’s Record Inflation

This poll was brutal.
94% of Americans are upset or concerned with the Democrat Party’s record inflation.

And only 6% of Americans believe the current record inflation is Russia’s fault.

The Personal Consumption Expenditures price index increased by 6.6% for the year ended in March, the Commerce Department reported Friday. It was the highest rate since the period ended January 1982, outpacing the figure from February.

This is bad news for Democrats and Joe Biden who has no idea what he’s doing.

The NY Post reported:

Less than a third of Americans approve of President Biden’s handling of the economy — and an overwhelming majority admit they are “upset” or “concerned” by soaring inflation, according to the latest unflattering poll.

More than nine in 10 Americans (94%) say they are worried about spiking prices as inflation climbs to a 40-year high under the 46th president, according to the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted last week.

As a result, only a meager 28% “approve” of Biden’s job performance when it comes to the economy.

The biting results don’t bode well for Democrats heading into the midterm elections.

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