President Trump Warns that US May End Up At War with China Because China No Longer Respects the US

This is scary because President Trump really knows what is going on.  

President Trump released a statement today:

Because the Election was rigged, and America now has weak and corrupt leadership, we may very well end up in a war with China who no longer respects the USA. They witnessed firsthand our television generals’ complete surrender to the Taliban with the loss of 13 great Warriors and the handing over of $85 billion of the best and most expensive Military equipment in the World—China and Russia are already reverse engineering the equipment so they can build it for themselves. The only thing the Radical Left Democrats, who are destroying our Nation, are good at is rigging Elections and criminal activity, while always blaming the other side through corrupt prosecutors and prosecutions. Our Country is in big trouble—we better get going fast!

This is really scary because we have been reporting how the China economy is in terrible shape right now.   Companies investing in China, local governments, and China banks are all facing solvency issues.  Electricity is being shut off and some manufacturers are working only one day a week.

EXCLUSIVE: Numerous Chinese Manufacturers Are Working Only 1-Day a Week As China Faces an Economic Crisis – 20 of 31 Provinces Roll Out Electricity Rationing

In addition, China is threatening Taiwan almost daily with flights over the tiny island that China claims is theirs.

Taiwan Says It’s Preparing for War as China Sends a Record 52 Warplanes Into Taiwan Airspace

If China dropped the COVID virus intentionally, which is possible due to their economic woes, they would also take this time to go to war. 

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