President Trump Responds to Elon Musk Poll on Twitter Where Users Vote for Him to be Reinstated on Platform

The current results of a poll on Twitter show that President Trump should be reinstated on Twitter. 

The President shared his thoughts on Elon Musk and Twitter in an interview.

Well, I like that he bought it.  I’ve always liked him.  I get along with him very well.  During my days as President I got to know him pretty well.  I do like him.  I’ve always really.  You know, he’s a character.

See the video below.

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President Trump shared a message on Truth Social with the same video.

The current results show that most people on Twitter believe President Trump should be reinstated on Twitter. 

TGP believes Twitter owes President Trump and other conservatives an apology for censoring them on Twitter for sharing the truth.  Shame on Twitter. 

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