President Trump In Person With Ultra MAGA All-Stars In Memphis On June 18 – Plus A New City Announced For July

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President Trump will appear at the American Freedom Tour event in Memphis, Tennessee on June 18th!

If you haven’t attended an American Freedom Tour event yet, here’s what people are saying:

This was one of the most personable rally/freedom tour of President Trump. Meaning we were able to see everyone and have access to them. Don Jr., Kimberly, Pompeo and President Trump himself just a few feet away. Very friendly and trusting crowd. I felt honored to be there with all my peeps…Trump loving peeps. Thank you President Trump for coming to Austin We Love you so much!!! God Bless you President Trump!” –Mike F.

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“You must go for a once in a lifetime experience to see and hear all the tremendous speakers, and to learn from everything presented from political ethics to moral principles to financial tips, and to meet fellow ultra-MAGA Patriots.” –Kyle P.

“Jr signed hundreds, if not thousands of books and took pictures with everyone. He also stayed after the event for an up-close & personal Q&A. He & Kim were kind, patient, and very approachable. Dinesh was just as kind & gracious. They are all wonderful, and we would love to see them again!” –Mary P.

In addition to President Trump, these “Ultra MAGA All-Stars” will also be live and in person:

— Donald Trump, Jr.

— Kimberly Guilfoyle

— Mike Pompeo

— Candace Owens

— Dinesh D’Souza

Some ticket packages include reserved seating and a roundtable with President Trump himself – click here to see if they’re still available.

If you’ve always wanted to see President Trump in person but haven’t been able to, this is it!

For this event, the seating chart looks like this:

Click here to get tickets!

In addition to your seat, you can have access to other events during the day (depending on your ticket level):

— Roundtable With President Trump
— Photo Op With Candace Owens
— Meet & Greet And Photo Op With Donald Trump Jr. And Kimberly Guilfoyle
— Q&A Breakfast With Dinesh D’Souza
— Private Event Afterparty

Click here to see ticket prices for levels of access to the event.

Hurry – tickets often sell out to these events.

Prices are scheduled to go up on June 3rd.

Join President Trump LIVE – IN PERSON in Memphis on June 18th!

If you can’t be in Memphis on June 18th, it’s just been announced that President Trump will be live in Greensboro, NC on July 15th – click here for details!

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