President Had HUGE Weekend – Millions Watched His Campaign Events in New Hampshire and South Carolina on Social Media

Last weekend was record-setting for President Trump as 80 million people watched him in New Hampshire and South Carolina.  

President Trump held his first campaign speech in New Hampshire last weekend.

The difference between creepy and crooked Joe Biden and President Trump is shocking.  President Trump arrived in New Hampshire and Americans in the crisp air were there to welcome President Trump along his journey.

Biden was in New Hampshire and no one showed up.

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President Trump said we’re going to turn New Hampshire ‘red’ and that he was more committed and angry now than ever with the horrible things happening to America under the Obama/Biden Administration.

Americans were also moved by President Trump’s speech in South Carolina.  Author and podcaster Michael Savage was very impressed with the speech.

“Peace, Peace, Peace…the Only Republican Out There Saying He Can Get a Peace Deal Between Ukraine and Russia” – Michael Savage on President Trump’s “Electrifying” Speech in South Carolina (VIDEO)

So many Americans are thirsting for truth and common sense and seeing the destruction that is taking place under this regime that they plugged into the President’s speeches online.

It ended up being a record-setting weekend for President Trump.

My weekend visit to New Hampshire and South Carolina was record-setting business on social media! Over 80 million watched. It is no surprise now why the Fake News Media ratings are SO BAD. People want honest coverage. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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