Prayer Call with President Trump Gets Shut Down 5 Minutes After President Trump Calls In – Reason Still Unknown

President Trump was invited on a prayer call this evening with supporters and friends.  A few minutes after the President joined the call, the administrators were kicked off the Internet and the call was over.

The call tonight was shared online at multiple sites and the interest in the call was very high.  TGP wrote about the call earlier in the day.

Pastors for Trump Organize Prayer Call Tonight – “The War Against Trump Is a War Against Christianity”

As the call started, Pastor Jack Lahmeyer introduced Roger Stone and General Michael Flynn and these close friends of the President talked about the time we are in and the evil that has taken over this country.  These were excellent shares until 7:15 pm eastern when President Trump joined the call.

Clay Clark then joined Pastor Lahmeyer and introduced President Trump.  The President shared and then suddenly after a few minutes he was lost, then after about 25 minutes, the call ended.

Below is the call.

The call resumed with a few guests half an hour later on Rumble.  You can listen to this discussion below with Pastor Lahmeyer and Clay Clark and Dan Ball from OAN, Charlene Bollinger, Angela Stanton King, and TGP’s Joe Hoft.

We don’t know at this time what happened with the call with President Trump and why the administrators were kicked off their normally very reliable Internet.  It could have been call volume or it could have been outside sabotage or something else.

We do know the left is not interested in the truth.  They hate President Trump.  And there were some concerns that perhaps some bad actors were involved in preventing the effort to pray for President Trump and the country.

Pastor Lahmeyer shared after the call that when he and Clay Clark called the President they prayed with President Trump and for President Trump.  President Trump was grateful and asked them to pray for the country.

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