Politicized National Archives Refuses to Release Certain Emails Between Joe and Hunter Biden, Cites Exemption Under Law

The National Archives and Records Administration is putting up a stone wall to protect some emails between Hunter Biden and the office his father, who at the time of the messages was Vice President Joe Biden.

America First Legal, which had filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get the emails, posted the documents it received on its website.

A 2011 email from Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin to the Office of the Vice President carried the subject line “China Lunch,” and was written prior to the 2011 visit of former Chinese President Hu Jintao, according to Just the News.

America First Legal said the National Archives redacted the email, citing an exemption in the Freedom of Information law,  because its “[r]elease would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors.”

The New York Post reported that emails bearing that subject line were found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and were focused on who might be invited to a state event the vice president would be hosting.

America First Legal said the National Archives produced “email messages from December 2009 through June 2010 that includes the company name ‘Rosemont Seneca,’” which was the name of one of Hunter Biden’s businesses.

The report said that the National Archives initially wanted to withhold 142 messages completely and redact 54 of them, but after conferring with the White House, completely withheld 148 messages and redacted parts of 52 messages.

In June 2010, messages show that the vice president’s staff contacted Hunter Biden “to talk about africa” prior to a trip Joe and Jill Biden were making, America’s First Legal reported.

Hunter Biden then emailed Anthony Bernal, an advisor to Jill Biden, about “Nairobi ideas.”

The National Archives would not reveal the message, saying “[r]elease would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors.”

The New York Post said a thread on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer with the same subject line talks about potential stops for the vice president and his wife during their visit.

The Post said a message found on the laptop said Hunter Biden would take the ideas to his father’s staffers.

Gene Hamilton, America First Legal Vice President and General Counsel, said these documents “demonstrate for the American people, yet again, continued evidence of influence peddling and personal enrichment by the Biden family.”

“The full extent has yet to be seen, but with each release, we are painting a fuller picture for the American people of the extent to which the Biden family business was intertwined with the official business of the United States,” he said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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