Philadelphia Residents Rush to Buy Water After Major Chemical Spill Occurs in Delaware River

Residents in Philadelphia are flocking to local supermarket stores such as Target and Walmart to buy water after a major chemical spill occurred in the Delaware River.

On Friday night over 8,000 gallons of latex-based solution spilled into the Delaware River from a chemical plant in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The massive spill caused Philadelphia city officials to send residents an emergency phone alert urging residents to buy bottled water and to not drink their tap water.


The emergency alert sent residents of Philadelphia in a frenzy and caused them to flock to local supermarket stores in the area to stock up on water.


City water  official’s later declared the the water in Philadelphia is safe to drink.

The Philadelphia Water Department  tweeted out “Based on updated hydraulic modeling and the latest sampling, we are confident tap water from the Baxter plant will remain safe to drink through 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 27. ”

Per NBC News:

Philadelphia officials Sunday afternoon rescinded their recommendation that residents use bottled drinking water following a toxic spill in the Delaware River.

The spill from a chemical plant upstream Friday night in Bucks County had prompted precautionary bottled-water alerts Sunday morning and afternoon, city officials said.

Testing determined there’s no contamination in the river near the intake for the city’s water system, nor in the system itself, Michael Carroll, a city deputy managing director, said an a video news conference early Sunday evening.

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