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Pelosi Blames Trump Supporters For a Murder Committed by Follower of Nation of Islam (VIDEO)

There is nothing too low for Nancy Pelosi.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday blamed Trump supporters for the murder of Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans.

Last April Police Officer William “Billy” Evans was murdered when a follower of the Nation of Islam rammed his car into a police checkpoint on Capitol Hill.

The driver, 25-year-old Noah Green, rammed the barrier on the Senate side and exited the vehicle armed with a large blade.

The Capitol Police engaged Green and shot him dead.

On Thursday, Pelosi falsely blamed Trump supporters for Billy Evans’ murder.

“I want to acknowledge our fallen heroes of that day: US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, US Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood, Metropolitan officer Jeffrey Smith, and US Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans of a later assault,” Pelosi said.

Billy Evans was murdered by a Farrakhan follower and NONE of the other police officers Pelosi mentioned were murdered.


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