PART 3: WE CAUGHT THEM: Deep State Operative Don Berlin Presented Bogus Election Dossier to President Trump, Now Jan 6 Committee is Using This to Claim Insurrection and Take Down President Trump

The Deep State used operative Don Berlin multiple times to produce garbage dossiers for several specific purposes – Russia collusion, Las Vegas Shooter, and the 2020 Election, for example.  

Berlin prepared and presented his 2020 Election dossier to President Trump before January 6. It was a set-up.  The Jan 6 committee is now using this document to claim President Trump was involved in an insurrection.  

We reported Monday on how the origins of the Russia collusion narrative started long ago in the early 2000s.  This was brought to light in a court case filed in 2018 by a billionaire named Christopher Chandler who claimed a man named Don Berlin made up stories about Chandler and Russia.

PART 1: EXCLUSIVE EXPOSING THE DEEP STATE TIES TO JAN 6: The Origin of the Russia Sham – Don Berlin’s Original Russia Dossier

Don Berlin didn’t act alone.  He worked with Robert Eringer on the Russia collusion dossier in 2002.  Eringer claims he worked for the FBI in the 1990s in Russia but at the same time Eringer was given an honorary KGB ID card from Russia.

PART 2: EXPOSING THE DEEP STATE TIES TO JAN 6: Origin of the Russia Sham – Real Russian Collusion with Robert Eringer

Don Berlin created his Russia collusion dossier in 2002 when Robert Mueller was the Head of the FBI.  Years later in June 2016, Berlin was interviewed by the FBI in regard to work he did related to Hillary’s emails and her actions in Libya.  In the interview notes, Berlin claimed he was a “defense contractor specializing in the areas of missile, space, and intelligence.”  Berlin claimed he was near completing his work related to the Hillary project when he was interviewed.  According to Berlin, this work was at the behest of Republicans.

302 – Serial 91 – Donald Berlin by Jim Hoft on Scribd

A year after the FBI interview Berlin was back creating another dossier.  This one was related to the Las Vegas shooter.  Berlin created a grand scheme where he claimed that “preliminary indicators suggest [that a second shooter had] possible ties to Islamic organizations and the Islamic State (IS) linkage”.

We don’t know at this time who paid him for this dossier but it does appear that this included deliberate disinformation for some unknown purpose.

Las Vegas Redacted by Jim Hoft

Late in 2020, Donald Berlin created a 2020 Election dossier.  This was another piece of art and fiction.  Berlin’s dossier appears connected to Republicans because he presented it before a group of Republican leaders and President Trump sometime in the early days of January 2021.  Berlin actually was there to present the dossier he prepared to the President.  We know this from a trusted and verified source.

Roughly 90% of this document created by Berlin was dedicated to voting software and machines.  Little is mentioned regarding absentee ballots and chain of custody.  On page 75 of the presentation, Berlin listed actions the President should take.  US Marshalls are to secure ballots and the National Guard is to step in.

Here is the dossier.

Project Foot Patrol by Jim Hoft

A shorter version of the presentation given to President Trump was distributed to various individuals. 

This document made it to Liz Cheney and the Jan 6 Committee.

Election Fraud Foreign Inte… by Jim Hoft

This is what the Jan 6 Committee is using to claim President Trump was engaged in an insurrection.  

There are many questions related to this Berlin dossier on the 2020 Election. 

  1. Why the focus on the machines and software?
  2. Was the timing of the dossier pre-planned with Jan 6 right around the corner?
  3. Is Don Berlin a government source?  Is he working for the government?  (Our source claims he is a government employee with a ‘classified’ clearance.)
  4. What was the intent of the dossier?
  5. Was it paid for by Republicans to set up President Trump?
  6. Who all knew this was going to happen ahead of time?

This is the Deep State.  The same group that attacked and harassed President Trump and the American people for his entire administration.  This is a corrupt America.  And this is how they set up President Trump.

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