Only 17% of Americans Strongly Believe There Are Multiple ‘Genders,’ Down From 24% Two Years Ago

Support for transgender issues have been in a sharp decline among the American public for the last three years.

The results of a September poll from the pro-transgender Public Religion Research Institute revealed that only 17 percent of Americans “strongly believe” there are multiple genders — a sharp drop from the 24 percent who believed it in 2019.

“Glenn Youngkin’s victory on Tuesday showed that voters, and especially parents, are waking up to the horrendous consequences of the woke left’s gender ideology,” said the American Principles Project in a statement to Breitbart. The ideology “threatens the privacy and safety of girls in school, so it should be no surprise to see opinions shifting in polling on these issues as well.”

Support for male students playing on girl’s teams has also dramatically declined.

The pollsters found that just 36 percent of Americans believe that male students should be allowed to participate in female sporting events. This is a one-third decline from 2018, when 50 percent of Americans were okay with it.

“That is the clear message from this [PRRI] poll. Over the last few years, despite relentless propagandizing from the woke-captured media and entertainment industries, public opinion has shifted toward a rejection of the left’s radical gender ideology. A decisive majority continues to hold to the scientifically grounded view that human beings are fundamentally male and female. This is very encouraging news,” Terry Schilling, the president of the American Principles Project said in a statement.

Schilling added that “we are winning the argument, and we should aim to press our advantage even further with the electoral winds at our back next year.”


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