“One Honest Determined Man or Woman Can Make Tremendous Things Happen” – Rep. Ramthun Joins Steve Bannon on The War Room After His Move to Push Forward Legislation to Reclaim Wisconsin Electors (VIDEO)

Wisconsin State Rep. Tim Ramthun joined Steve Bannon on Thursday on The War Room following his move on Tuesday in the Wisconsin Assembly to push forward legislation to reclaim Wisconsin’s electors for President and Vice President that were certified under fraudulent purposes.

Ramthun’s move on Tuesday sent shock waves across the internet. The American people STILL want accountability and still demand the truth to come out regarding the stolen 2020 election.

Rep. Tim Ramthun: What happened on November 3, 2020, I believe was an assault on our Constitution and it’s a national security issue. And I also believe nefarious acts have been going on with our election process longer than 2020… The resolution is the only way we can take control of our plenary rights to the Constitution of the United States to pull our electors back… My bill is in the Rules Committee which is chaired by Majority Leader Jim Steineke who put out a tweet that night that said not going anywhere, end of story. I believe differently.

Steve Bannon: Hang on. This is what is so important. One honest, determined man or woman with resolve can make tremendous things happen. When it seems like the world is against you. Here’s what it is. Courage is contagious and courage is the most important of all the virtues because it is upon courage that all the other virtues rest.

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This is a very powerful appearance on The War Room.
Never give up hope.

Via HOT Wisconsin.

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