On National Police Week Please Do Not Forget Officer Ronald Colton McAbee Who Tried to Save Rosanne Boyland and Now Rots in Prison as a Political Prisoner of the Biden Regime

This is National Police Week – Ronald Colton McAbee’s wife wrote asking us not to forget her husband who is still being held as a political prisoner.

To the world Ronald Colton McAbee became known as “The Sheriff” of January 6th, but Colton’s law enforcement story started back in high school when he was a part of the communities Police Explorer Program.

From a very young age, Colton knew that he wanted to help people and to make a difference in the world. He chose to pursue a career in law enforcement where he could help people turn their lives around. Each day when he came home from work, his four-year-old neighbor would be outside watching. Colton had become a hero to the boy. One day, Colton walked next door to talk with the boy. He learned that the boy too wanted to become a police officer. He told the young boy, “You will be a great officer. You can do good in your community by helping others and you will be able to influence people for good.”

Colton has always looked to help others, especially during the seven years he was a Law Enforcement Officer. Many awards would follow in his career, including a life-saving award that states “. . . actions taken by others and McAbee are in keeping with the finest traditions of public service and reflect great credit upon themselves and the community.” As many people will tell you who know Colton, “He would give you the shirt off his back. He is so selfless and puts others before himself. He has such a big heart and is passionate about the things he loves.”

Colton is just like us. A fellow patriot who loves his country and respects others. For anyone who knows Colton, you know a kind, courteous, respectful man who is fiercely loyal to those close to him. As one friend put it, “He has grown into a man that I am proud to know. He takes responsibility seriously, is reliable, kind, compassionate, and trustworthy …” When Colton worked in law enforcement, he treated each person as a human being, never judging them, and uplifting and empowering them to become better.”

Colton spent his years in law enforcement in both Tennessee and Georgia working in all capacities from corrections to a Sheriff’s Deputy. “Colton wouldn’t look at people’s criminal charges because he never wanted that to blur his image of them. He looked at them as people and treated them as such,” Sarah McAbee, wife of Colton McAbee, said. “He was passionate about a prison ministry called God Behind Bars and worked with inmates to ensure they could maintain their own personal identity, grow through Christ and could ultimately become better members of society once released.”

All of these traits of bravery, service, and faith were on full display on January 6th. The one trait that goes without being said is his love to protect his fellow Americans and country. When chaos broke out at the Capitol, Colton jumped into action to continue to protect and serve even as he was off-duty. As one individual said, “Colton was the only officer that day who tried to save Rosanne Boyland’s life.” Video: Ronald Colton McAbee Rendering Life-Saving Aid to Rosanne Boyland & Helping Police Officers.

The Tennessee Sheriff’s Deputy McAbee desperately works on the body of fellow protestor Rosanne Boyland after she was gassed and seen beaten by Police Officer Lila Morris. Boyland died.

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One of the things that has been so heartbreaking to Colton and his family is how he went from being a well-respected officer of the law to having almost the entire community turn their backs on him. “One of the things that brings Colton joy is when very seldomly he receives a letter from a Law Enforcement Officer who he has never met before standing and supporting him. They know in their hearts that Colton upheld his oath that day. Their letters mean so much to him,” Sarah McAbee said.

In an open letter to the world Colton wrote, “we never think our ‘friends and family’ would betray us, but mine did. When I needed them the most, they ran. I even considered some of them my ‘family in blue’. There is no loyalty among cowards, and that is exactly what they are.”

“Normally on National Police Week I would naively thank every person who continues to put their badge on day after day; however, this year’s National Police Week is a little different. Over the last 28 months, I have realized not every officer is the same. For those who hide behind a badge but won’t stand up for your own brother being persecuted for doing what any man of dignity would’ve done, well… I have nothing to say to you. You’ve shown your true colors,” Sarah McAbee says. “For those officers who did heinous acts of violence and waged war on innocent American citizens on January 6th, turn your badges in. You don’t represent us! For the very few officers who tried to de-escalate the chaos going on around them on January 6th, THANK YOU! I pray that you stand up on the right side of history. For the true, heroic officers across this once great nation who continue to put their lives on the line day after day, leave their families at home without knowing their fate, and choose to stand in the gap for your community and fellow Americans every day; WE HONOR YOU!”

Colton McAbee is just like many. A husband. A son. A brother. A patriot, but he is not just any patriot. He is a January 6th patriot. He is a J6 warrior. He is a fellow American who is resolute and steadfast in protecting our freedoms. He is standing in the gap for all of us. Standing in the gap for the constitution. Standing in the gap for future generations of Americans. His prayers are to have all J6 patriots and families protected and for the truth to prevail.

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