“No One Is Going to Break Us. We’re Strong. We’re Ukrainians” – Ukrainian President Zelensky Receives Standing Ovation After Addressing the European Union from Kiev (VIDEO)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the European Union Parliament on Tuesday from his Kiev hideout.

President Zelensky told the EU politicians, “We are just fighting for our land and for our freedom. And believe me, despite the fact that all the big cities of our country are now blocked, no one will enter our freedom and state. Believe me.”

Zelensky added, “For some people this day is their last one. I speak today about my citizens, citizens who are defending, paying the ultimate price by defending their freedom.”

At the conclusion of his speech, the EU Parliament gave Volodymyr a standing ovation.

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On Monday Zelensky signed a letter appealing to the EU for Ukraine’s immediate membership into the union.

A 40 kilometer-long Russian convoy of trucks and tanks is heading toward Kiev today from Belarus.

Developing: 40 Kilometer-Long Russian Convoy of Trucks and Tanks Is Heading towards Kiev, Ukraine

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