“My Son is Dead, He Took the Vaccine – They’re Killing Us” – Pastor From Trinidad Mourns After Son Died One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Shot (VIDEO)

Pastor Marva Peschier of Trinidad and Tobago mourned the loss of her son who died after taking the COVID-19 shot. She already lost another son before.

According to Pastor Peschier, her son took the vaccine on September 17th.  He then suffered a massive stroke and experienced an internal hemorrhage of the brain on the same day.  Her son was rushed to Mt. Hope Hospital and was pronounced dead on September 18th.

On September 18, Pastor Peschier took a live video on Facebook and expressed her outrage. Facebook has taken down the video on its platform.

According to a report, health officials decided to meet up with pastor Marva Peschier after her viral video.

Loop News reported:

Health officials will be meeting with pastor Marva Peschier this week after the woman went live on Facebook and declared that her son died days after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Commenting on the matter, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram said there was a similar incident at a Regional Health Authority (RHA) which he was careful not to identify.

He said the clinicians sent a preliminary investigative report and further noted that they were instructed to meet with the family and disclose the findings.

Dr Parasram went on to state that a final report will be handed over to him and then Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh.

Peschier went on to urge government officials to stop vaccinating members of the public against the viral contagion.

However, it has not been confirmed that the vaccine caused or contributed to the cause of death.

Here’s an excerpt from the video below:

“I am Marva Paschier. I came to tell the whole world what people is doing to the nations of the world. My son took the vaccine on Friday this week. On Friday night, he fell off his bed with a massive stroke with a bleeding in his head. He was bleeding. He was bleeding in his brain. This afternoon I went to the hospital and they pronounced him dead. I am sending a message to Prime Minister Rowley and I am telling you to stop this nonsense because it’s killing people. It’s killing people and you are all lying that this vaccine is not killing nobody but people are dying every single day. My son is dead because he took the vaccine. He’s dead! They’re lying! I am from Trinidad and Tobago and I am speaking about the lies that the people have telling you. My son is dead! He’s dead because he took the vaccine. People are lying to you I’m telling you. Share this live, share to the world. Let the world know that it’s time for us to come out and speak the truth. They’re killing us! People from Trinidad and Tobago, people from Caribbean, people from all over the world, stop this nonsense because it is killing people. I am giving this message to the health department of the world and to all the people who took time to put this thing together and know that the vaccines are killing people. My son is dead. Can I get him back? God, vengeance belongs to God people.”

Watch here:

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