MSNBC Quickly Deletes Clip of Former Ambassador and Rachel Maddow Guest Calling Putin Worse than Hitler Because, “Hitler Didn’t Kill Ethnic Germans” (VIDEO)

After receiving intense and immediate backlash, MSNBC quickly deleted a video clip in which a guest made an inappropriate comparison between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler.

In an appearance this week on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show,’ former U.S. Ambassador to Russia and Stanford University Professor Michael McFaul argued that Putin should be viewed less favorably than the genocidal Nazi dictator as he was explaining some “interesting” remarks that he had heard on Ukrainian television.

According to McFaul, Hitler did not target “ethnic Germans” and “German-speaking people” – spoiler alert: he actually did – during his hellish reign.

What’s most ridiculous about McFaul’s claim is that Hitler did, in fact, kill German-speaking Jews, as well as ethnic Germans who were either Jewish or assisted the Jews as well as priests, gays, gypsies, etc. as they fled from his terror, so the claim is just outright false and the comparison doesn’t hold water at all.

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However, a genocide that targets specific groups of people based on their ethnicity is apparently better than the current situation in Ukraine, according to McFaul. It does not matter that this is a traditional conflict between two nations, or even that the modern-day Nazis (the Azov Battalion and other militant Ukrainian groups) are on the side he is defending; these scumbags, like McFaul, will say anything for the sake of the narrative.

McFaul explained to fill-in host Ali Velshi on Friday (the now-deleted video is below):

“One of the Russian journalists said, ‘You know, there’s one difference between Hitler when he was coming in and Putin. Hitler didn’t kill ethnic Germans. He didn’t kill German-speaking people.

I think people need to remember that we’re talking about cities like Kharkiv and Mariupol and Kyiv, there are large populations there, you know, up to a third and sometimes as much to a half that are Russian speakers and are ethnic Russians. And yet Putin doesn’t seem to care about that. He slaughters the very people he said he has come to liberate.”

After airing, McFaul’s position was echoed and amplified by Rachel Maddow’s blog, which tweeted, “One difference between Putin and Hitler is that Hitler didn’t kill ethnic Germans, German-speaking people. Putin slaughters the very people he said he has come to liberate.”

However, just hours later, MSNBC scrambled to run damage control after being put through the woodchipper by critics over the unbelievable comparison, scrubbing the video off of its online platforms.

But, too bad, the internet always keeps receipts.

From Jack Posobic, the master receipt hoarder:

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