MSNBC Does It Again – Pushes Fake Ukraine War Coverage – This Time Expert Analyst Shares Video Game

Another day, another MSNBC analyst shares bizarre fake news from the Ukrainian front. 

One month ago MSNBC contributor Malcolm Nance shared pictures from the woods claiming he was in Ukraine fighting against the Russians.  This was just plain nuts.

Things Just Got Weird: MSNBC Dandy and Nutbag Malcolm Nance Dresses in Military Gear and Says He’s Fighting in Ukraine in New Video

Now it’s reported that an MSNBC war expert mistook a video game for Ukraine war footage.  The postmillennial reported:

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On Monday, retired four-star general and MSNBC “military analyst” Barry R. McCaffrey posted a clip of video game footage to Twitter. Alongside it he claimed it was a display of strength from Ukraine’s air defense. It’s actually footage from a video game.

The clip in question came from YouTube’s “shorts” section, and is titled “Russian MiG-29’s Get Shot Down By Air Defense System | Arma 3 #Shorts #Airdefense #Arma3.”

Benny Johnson on Twitter reported on this war game tweet and shared that the brilliant Max Boot also shared it.

What’s the deal with fake news pushing the war story that Ukraine is winning over Russia?  They use video games and dress up in military gear to make their point.  This is seriously dangerous fake news. 

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