Migrant Baby Dies in NY Hotel – Third Migrant Child to Die in Two Weeks

In June 2018 TIME Magazine posted the image of President Trump looking down at a crying Honduran child who they suggest was separated from her mother at the border.

The moving photo was used by the liberal media and and far left activists to pummel the Trump administration for its decision to start strictly enforcing immigration laws at the border.

But it was all a lie.

The mother abandoned a husband and three kids at home in Honduras. The mother was previously deported in 2013. The mother and daughter were never separated. She left her husband and paid a coyote $6,000 to sneak back into the United States.

TIME Magazine later corrected their misleading cover.

The story made headlines in the legacy media. Democrats were in an uproar.

But since Joe Biden was installed as president, Democrats don’t care about abandoned or dead migrant babies anymore.** Over 85,000 migrant children have been lost inside the United States and are reporedly being trafficked for labor since Joe Biden opened the southern US border.

** Migrant children are drowning in the Rio Grande at the border.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, White House Reporters All Ignore Migrant Children Drowning in Rio Grande Answering Biden’s Open Borders Invitation

** An unidentified migrant teen died at Florida shelter last week.

** An 8-year-old migrant girl with a heart condition died in US border patrol custody last week.

** And on Thursday, a four-month-old baby died in a New York City hotel for illegal aliens.

Don’t expect the Democrats to scream and organize protests over this crisis. There’s no political benefit – and they caused it.

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