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Memo to Meme Raiders: Squeezable Stock Shorts Are Taking Cover

It doesn’t seem like it, with bear raids breaking out everywhere and hoisting names like AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and Clover Health Investments Corp. to the moon and beyond, but the opposition is getting wise to the ploy.While dismantling positions that may have…

Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wins Reelection, But Not Majority

Far-left Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won reelection this week but the liberal party lost the majority. BBC reported: Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has narrowly won...

Serial Liar DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tells Senator Johnson – The Border Is Closed (VIDEO)

Department of Homeland Security Director Mayorkas and FBI Director Chris Wray testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday. During testimony,...

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