Mark Levin Calls For Special Investigation Of The Biden Family (VIDEO)

Conservative talk host Mark Levin suggested this weekend that the Biden family should be subjected to a special counsel investigation.

Democrats and the media dragged Trump and his family through seemingly endless investigations for four years, so why not? Hasn’t the Biden family given people more than enough reasons to suspect something is off?

Hunter’s shady business dealings alone should be enough of a reason.

FOX News reports:

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Levin calls for special counsel to investigate Biden family: ‘We need to know what the hell is going on’

“Life, Liberty and Levin” host Mark Levin blamed the “corrupt, opportunistic” media for covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story, and called for a federal special counsel to investigate the Biden family in light of emerging information.

Levin began his show Sunday taking the press to task for deliberately concealing information pertaining to Hunter Biden’s laptop when it was first reported in 2020, noting how prominent news outlets collectively disregarded the story as a baseless right-wing conspiracy or an effort of Russian disinformation.

“The media here during the last election, when they were confronted with a true story about Hunter Biden’s laptop,… the media covered it up. What did Big Tech oligarchs do, they not only covered it up, but they banned New York Post, they banned other media outlets or any individual who dare to refer to it,” he said.

“This is the state of media in America,” Levin continued. “We do not have a free press. We have a corrupt media. We have a media that sings from one sheet, a media that regurgitates down the line.”…

“Ladies and gentlemen, we need a federal special counsel. We cannot leave it to Garland and the political appointees at the Department of Justice.

Here’s the video:

The left loved investigations under Trump.

Why should they feel any differently now?

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