LeadStories “Fact Check” on Poll Pads in Texas Adding Votes Debunked

Over the weekend, The Gateway Pundit shared exclusive video that was obtained from poll workers in Dallas County, Texas.  This video shows voters randomly being added to the ExpressPoll poll pads with “POLLS CLOSED” clearly displayed on the screen.  In the background, you can hear other poll workers discussing their poll pads.  The poll pads continued to add voters despite the polls being closed.

Yesterday, LeadStories’ Alexis Tereszcuk decided to “fact check” The Gateway Pundit’s article.  They did not reach out to The Gateway Pundit for comment, citations, sources, or anything of the sort, despite a contact option being clearly displayed in the article.

In the “fact check”, she cites:

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Were poll pads in Texas caught adding “hundreds” of voters in real time as a poll was being closed? No, that’s not true: The state-certified Election Systems & Software (ES&S) voting systems e-pollbooks in Dallas County, Texas, previously experienced “some delay in the downloading” of checked-in voters and then caught up, according to the Texas Secretary of State. “The updating of pollbook numbers, even after polls have closed, is normal behavior for an electronic pollbook,” an ES&S spokesperson told Lead Stories.

The Texas Secretary of State website does have a certification for the ExpressPoll pollbooks, however, the version that was certified is significantly out of date.  The certification record is for version while the version in use is  Anyone in cyber security will attest to how significant that difference can be.   We have reached out to ES&S for their updated certifications and will amend the article as necessary if they respond.

The Dallas County “misinformation” page goes on to say at the bottom:

To further validate the accuracy of the e-pollbooks, Dallas County has a backup paper system in place.  When voters check in at an e-pollbook, they also have their names hand-written onto a paper “Voter Roster.”  The totals from the paper voter rosters are used as a second source of information to assure that the electronic rosters are accurate.

One of the poll workers at this location that we spoke with addressed this during our phone call.  They claim that their paper ledger matched their pollbook throughout the day.  Once the pollbook began adding votes on its own towards the end of the day, at 6:45pm CST, that is when it was out of balance with the hand-written ledger that the poll worker kept.

Another poll worker stated that this has never happened before and that they have done several elections to date, many on these exact poll books.

So why was this election different?

Below is some clips of my conversations with two of the poll workers in this precinct.   You can also view the original video that was fact checked here.

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