Karine Jean-Pierre Falls Apart When Asked to Explain Why Biden Proposed a Gimmicky Gas Tax Holiday (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday fell apart when asked to explain why Joe Biden proposed a gimmicky gas tax holiday.

Biden called on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax until September, 2022.

“Today, I’m calling on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for the next 90 days through the busy summer season, busy travel season,” Biden said.

The gas tax holiday will amount to a savings of 18 cents per gallon on gas and about 24 cents per gallon on diesel. For the average American, this will provide about $2 in saving per fill-up and about $10-12 per month in financial relief.

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It is a poor excuse for financial relief amid soaring inflation when food prices are up 38%, housing costs are up as much as 100%, and buying a vehicle has risen more than 48% in the last two years.

The plan doesn’t stop at the federal level; the memo goes on to state that Biden will also call “on state and local governments to provide additional consumer relief.” The memo outlines that relief as a suspension of state gas taxes and additional “relief payments” or another form of stimulus payments.

Karine Jean-Pierre struggled to give an answer on Dummy Joe Biden’s latest gimmick.

“He took actions … with the gas tax, holiday gas tax, the way that he sees it, is it’s a direct, straightforward way, to deal with something that the American public is … really not feeling any relief right now at the pump.”


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