JUST IN: Maricopa County Superior Court Rescinds Order Setting Dates for Kari Lake’s Ballot Signature Fraud Challenge as Supreme Court Extends Deadlines for Sanctions and Responses – ORDER INCLUDED


Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson issued a Minute Entry on Saturday, rescinding his previous order outlining the schedule for supplemental memorandums of law and oral argument.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Thompson, last Thursday, issued a new order, setting the schedule for review of Kari Lake’s signature verification challenge after the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the trial court must reconsider this issue.

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The deadline to submit memorandums of law was set for Tuesday, March 28, and possible conference with oral argument was set for Thursday, March 30.

Lake’s team filed a Motion to Clarify on Friday in the Supreme Court, extending the due date to file a response to sanctions requested by Maricopa County. The Supreme Court then issued a new order setting April 5 as the deadline for Response and April 12 as the deadline for the Defendants’ replies.

The new entry from Judge Thomspon “actually gives the @KariLake team more time now to prepare,” tweeted Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers.

In response to claims that Lake’s attorneys “inadvertently” caused this to happen, Rogers stated, “Navy SEAL attorneys like Kurt Olsen don’t do ANYTHING ‘inadvertently.’”

Read the full Minute Entry below:

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on Kari Lake’s historic stolen election challenge.

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