Junior Varsity Basketball Player Suffers Seizure and Cardiac Arrest During Game

Kamari Williams (Source: Latonya McGowens/Facebook)

A junior varsity basketball player at Southside Christian School suffered from a seizure and cardiac arrest during a basketball game on Tuesday night.

The school reported that Kamari Williams, aka K. Will, collapsed during a game against Brashier Middle College.

Chris Young, an athletic trainer, stepped in to perform CPR for 10 minutes till emergency medical services arrived.

According to WFYY News, Williams was able to get stabilized and was sent to the hospital.

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“By God’s grace, trainer Chris Young was on-site at the game and stepped in to perform CPR for close to 10 minutes until EMTs could arrive,” said Denny Vauters of Southside Christian School. “They were able to stabilize Kamari and transport him to the hospital.”

“We are praising God for K Will’s life, the staff involved in the emergency, and are praying for wisdom for the doctors now trying to understand how and why this happened,” Vauters continued.

According to a Facebook post, there has been no further decline in Kamari’s condition, including no indication of brain or organ failure.

Of course, the doctors are baffled. They are currently conducting tests to figure out what happened.

“On behalf of the Williams/McGowens family we appreciate all the prayers, calls, texts, and messages for Kamari (K-Will) Williams. As you see in the picture K-Will is doing great and in good spirits,” Rod Shaw Jr. wrote on Facebook.

“Updates, K-Will has no brain damage or organ failure. Doctors are still running test to discover what happen. Please continue to pray for him and the family. Please out of respect for the family don’t bombard them with calls or messages. We will post another update when we have more info,” he continued.

“May God continue to show his hand and purpose in Kamari’s life. Let’s all be thankful to God for his son Jesus for his blood that never losses its power and the prayers of the saints,” the post concluded.

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