John Kirby Fields Questions on Biden Classified Documents Scandal After Karine Jean-Pierre Fails to do Her Job (VIDEO)

John Kirby to the rescue.

Joe Biden’s affirmative action hire Karine Jean-Pierre has dodged questions on Biden’s classified documents scandal and stonewalled reporters for nearly two weeks.

So John Kirby (former Pentagon spox) had to come into the press briefing room to do Karine Jean-Pierre’s job for her.

John Kirby actually answered some questions!

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Peter Doocy: “John, how hard is it to walk out of a SCIF with classified material?”

“Everybody who goes in to a SCIF knows what the requirements are. To go in, and knows what the requirements are to go out. You can’t bring personal devices in and you certainly can’t leave with material unless that material is appropriately secured,” Kirby said.


“And usually what happens to someone…if they do leave with a piece of classified material that they are not supposed to have, or that is not secured?” Peter Doocy asked.

“I think — if you do it inadvertently or you do it and realize…you self-report, which is exactly [Biden] did”


Another reporter asked John Kirby if the system needs reform after Biden was caught with stolen classified documents at his private office and home.

“The president…he takes the treatment of classified materials seriously…You have to do that. We all know what the rules are. We follow the rules.”


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