Joe Biden Says He’s Added More to US Debt than Any Other President (VIDEO)

A Complete Disaster.

Joe Biden admitted he added more to the US debt than any other US president.And it only took Old Joe two years.

It’s as if the Democrat Party’s destruction is purposeful.

Via We Love Trump.

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CNS News reported:

If you scroll down to pages 142 and 143 of Biden’s proposal — its last two pages — you will discover Table S-10: “Federal Government Financing and Debt.”

This table tells a different story than Biden himself does.

It includes a subsection that carries the headline: “Debt Outstanding, End of Year.” It shows what the Biden administration predicts the total federal debt would be — under the terms of Biden’s budget proposal — at the end of each fiscal year through 2032.

At the end of fiscal 2021, it indicates, the total federal debt was $28.386 trillion. At the end of fiscal 2032, it predicts, the total federal debt will be $44.797 trillion.

That means that under Biden’s budget plan the federal debt would increase by $16.411 trillion — or 57.8% — in the 11 fiscal years from when he first took office in fiscal 2021 through fiscal 2032.

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