“Joe Biden Is a Traitor. He’s a Traitor… This Is a Sputnik Moment!” – Steve Bannon GOES OFF on Biden Regime After Spy Balloon Humiliation (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon WENT OFF on the illegitimate Biden regime following the national humiliation over the China Spy balloon.

Bannon called Joe Biden a “traitor” and called the this spy balloon today’s Sputnik moment.

Steve Bannon: This was done by the CCP to humiliate the United States… They flood us with fentanyl and the CCP COVID-19 virus. These are biological weapons and they flood us with fentanyl nonstop is a second Opium War. The Third World War has started. I have said this for years. It’s unrestricted warfare and they’re after us… They’ve bribed half the people in this city. And on Wall Street, and on Silicon Valley and the global corporations… MSNBC goes over there and frickin kisses their ass with the Olympics. NBC’s in bed with the Chinese Communist Party… A mature nation would not have traitors. Joe Biden is a traitor. He’s a traitor… This is a Sputnik moment!”

Democrats are working overtime to destroy America. Joe Biden has only been in the Oval Office for two years – Can you imagine how America will look in two more years!

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Via The War Room.

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