J-6 Chairman Bennie Thompson: Bill Barr Has Spoken to Jan. 6 Committee About Draft Executive Order to Have Defense Secretary Seize Voting Machines for Investigation (VIDEO)

January 6 Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson on Sunday said the panel has spoken to former Attorney General Bill Barr.

Politico on Friday published a draft executive order that “would have directed the defense secretary to seize voting machines and a document titled “Remarks on National Healing.””

Again, this was a draft executive order!  It never happened.

President Trump and tens of millions of his supporters were concerned about the 2020 election fraud that included unexplained spikes in voting totals in the middle of the night following the election.

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CBS’s Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan asked Bennie Thompson about the draft executive order published by Politico.

“There was also another story, significant — Politico published the text of a draft executive order that had been presented to President Trump in December of 2020 to have the Defense Secretary seize voting machines in battleground states and multiple news organizations have now reported this. Do you intend to go to the Attorney General, Bill Barr, to ask him about this? I mean, how do you follow up on this kind of allegation and the paperwork to back it up?” Margaret Brennan asked Bennie Thompson.

“Well yes, we do. To be honest with you, we’ve had conversations with the former Attorney General already. We have talked to Department of Defense individuals. Uh, we are concerned, uh, that our military was part of this big lie on promoting that the election was false. So if you are using the military to potentially seize voting machines even though it’s a discussion, the public needs to know. We’ve never had that before and so any of these individuals who are participating and trying to stop the election — the duly election of a president, and if we can document it, we will share it with the public,” Bennie Thompson said.

Margaret Brennan asked Bennie Thompson if there was actually an operation plan beyond the draft executive order.

Rep. Thompson said there was no operational plan, but the “draft itself” is reason enough to investigate and continue to harass Bill Barr.

“Will the former attorney general, Bill Barr, testify to you? Will you seek out other members of the military to clarify some of what you just laid out here?” Margaret Brennan asked.

Thompson said the J-6 Committee has plans to hold public hearings and some people may be brought in to give depositions under oath.


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