In Some Cities Gas Costs More Than The Federal Minimum Wage, As Inflation Harms Most Working Americans

Drivers across the United States are feeling the record surge in gas prices that impact the nation’s entire population 

In some cities, the cost of a gallon of gas has now surpassed the federal minimum wage, meaning that it takes more than one hour of working to afford a single gallon of gas. While the average cost of gasoline surpassed $4.60 nationwide over the Memorial Day weekend, some cities are seeing much higher prices. 

Analysts like Patrick De Haan of Gas Buddy have predicted a continued surge in the cost of gas as we enter the summer months. 

While wages have risen in many places and within many corporations across the nation, the Federal Minimum Wage is still just $7.25 per hour. Even for those making the higher wages of $13-17 per hour, paying more than $5 per gallon for gasoline is a strain on most budgets. 

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Some cities in the U.S. have seen gas prices soar above the Federal Minimum wage, and the impact is causing issues regarding the cost of living for a resident in those areas. The hardest-hit regions are on the West Coast. 

According to a report by CBS News, these are some of the cities where gas prices have surpassed the Federal Minimum Wage:

  • Chevron at 901 N. Alameda St. in Los Angeles: $8.05 a gallon
  • Chevron at 51557 US-395 in Lee Vining: $7.39 a gallon
  • Chevron at 712 North CA-127 in Shoshone: $7.39 a gallon
  • Shell at 453 Main St. in Bridgeport: $7.39 a gallon
  • Valero at 377 Main St. in Bridgeport: $7.35 a gallon
  • Mobil at 8489 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles: $7.29 a gallon
  • Shell at 51424 US-395 in Lee Vining: $7.29 a gallon
  • Mobil at 22 Vista Point Drive in Lee Vining: $7.29 a gallon
  • Chevron at 3600 Alameda Drive in Menlo Park: $7.39 a gallon

In a tweet on Monday, De Haan also warned drivers that gas prices could continue to rise in the Great Lakes region and Florida. A gallon of regular gasoline in cities like Tallahassee and Palm Beach already costs $4.69. 

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