IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Fighter Pilot Speaks Out on Discrimination Against Unvaccinated in US Military – Pilots Forced to Perform Janitorial Work (VIDEO)

In case you missed this — The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Captain Tom Stewart USMC on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

Captain Tom Stewart:

  • Served 13 year, 5 months and 20 days
  • Flew CH-53Es in Hawaii from April 2013 to to December 2017
  • Deployed to Darwin Australia with brief tour in Thailand during this time
  • Following Hawaii, served as a Deputy Air Officer for 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade until June 2019 setting up aerial refueling between French Mirages and Marine KC-130s along with supporting many more exercises all over the Middle East
  • For 3 years helicopter flight teacher at Whiting field
  • He started terminal leave Friday and is officially out on July 1, 2022.

Captain Stewart described his personal story of challenging the US Military vaccine mandates. This included the unlawful process they used to ground US pilots back in September wasting nine months of manpower and resources.

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Stewart is concerned about the lack of Commanders and other high-ranking officers pushing back against the COVID mandates. Stewart hopes more commanders will eventually speak out.

And Captain Stewart discussed the religious discrimination and how the DOD is violating their own exemption process.


  • Pilots and other servicemen seeking religious accommodations to the vaccine are first penalized; life is made a living hell
  • Refusing the vaccine for religious reasons, Capt. Stewart was grounded and made to do menial work – even janitorial work!
  • Vaccine refusers are humiliated – their careers are destroyed.
  • Naval Academy graduate pilots are literally being prosecuted under the Universal Code of Military Justice for refusing the vaccine for religious reasons – and stand to be discharged from service and forced to repay their scholarships!
  • Religious accommodation requests are denied without reason or legitimate deliberation.
  • Tens of THOUSANDS of careers are being destroyed.
  • –such as the first female F-35 pilot; she refused the vaxx and is about to be axed.
  • This causes massive holes in US National Defense due to losing highly skilled helicopter and jet pilots and pilot trainers.
  • It costs ~$9 million to train a US naval jet pilot.
  • It costs nearly $1.5 million to train helicopter pilots.
  • All of this money is being flushed down the toilet.
  • NOT PUBLICIZED:  vaccine injuries and deaths among young soldiers.  22 year-olds getting strokes!  Close colleagues of Capt. Stewart have died or been seriously injured following vaccination!!
  • NOT PUBLICIZED IN US:  Russia, United Kingdom, CHINA, and many other nations are NOT REQUIRING MILITARY TO GET VAXXED!
  • NOT PUBLICIZED:  Officer ranks are rubber stamping the vaccine mandate for fear of losing their pensions. “They had an opportunity to stop this.”

TGP COMMENTARY:  clearly the US Military’s vaccine mandate is not about science: it’s an ideological purity test being used to cleanse the military of conservatives so that the remaining woke zealots within the military can then FORCE radical Marxist policies (such as the elimination of gun rights and free speech) upon the American people.

The tragedy here, is endless: brave heroes like Capt. Stewart are destroyed, while cowards within the officer ranks rubber stamp Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Marxist takeover of the military – all because they’re concerned with saving their own skin.  We need more Captain Stewarts.

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