“I’m Ready to Turf You Out!” – More… Steve Bannon Fires Warning Shot at 149 Republicans Who Voted for Uniparty Bill (VIDEO)

Steve Bannon was in rare form on Thursday morning after the House Republicans passed their uniparty spending bill.

On Wednesday night 149 Republicans joined Democrats to pass the Uniparty spending bill.

The bill will now head to the US Senate where Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his stable of lackeys eagerly wait to give it their stamp of approval.

The mainstream media on Thursday morning cheered the vote – which tells you everything.

On Wednesday night Steve Bannon went off following this betrayal of MAGA voters once again.

Bannon posted on GETTR – both Jim Jordan and MTG “should both face primary challenges from real MAGA” for voting for this monstrosity.

On Thursday morning Steve Bannon fired a warning shot at the 149.

Steve Bannon: “Why are you a ‘yes’ on a vote that uncaps anything from this regime as far as deficits go? And why did you give them the second year when you can explain that to me in a rational way? I’m prepared to listen. Other than that, I’m looking for somebody to turf you out!”

Via Midnight Rider.

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