“I’m Petrified for My Country – This Is Third World Tactics Right Now” – Trump Attorney Alina Habba after Trump Indictment (VIDEO)

Alina Habba, the Attorney for President Donald Trump, joined Tucker Carlson on Thursday night following the news of his junk indictment by a Soros-funded New York City District Attorney.

Alina Habba was predictably disturbed by the news today saying, “I am petrified for my country.”  She is absolutely correct.  Today is the day Democrats officially took America into tyranny.

Attorney Alina Habba:  He’ll be charged with something he didn’t do.  We know that for a fact from Michael Cohen himself and his lawyers…  And knowing Alvin Bragg, the Soros backed DA, I assume that he’s going to try and stack several of these misdemeanors that a normal person would never be indicted for, let alone charged with, and try and make a felony of something that the FEC basically the FEC has already turned down and the federal prosecutors. But that’s what happens when he’s leading in the polls…  This is proof that we need to change this country immediately. I don’t see him hiding from anything. I would be shocked if that would be the consequence or the result of this. I think he would deal with it head on. I would hope so…  I think my advice to him, Tucker, would be to go in, face them however which way they want. If they want a production that’s on them, I think they’ve already done that, frankly. And you know how it goes. We’ll hear leaks, just like we did with that Georgia. The forewoman that came out and wanted her moment on MSNBC. We’ll see what happens…

Tucker Carlson:  Does this moment feel dangerous to you?

Alina Habba: Terrible. I’m petrified for this country. I’m a lawyer, and I believe in the bedrock of this country. I believe in the Constitution. I believe that when I took my oath of office, I was supposed to take the laws of this country and abide by them, no matter what my personal beliefs and politics are. And this is the most extreme, scariest moment from somebody within my profession. And I’m embarrassed, frankly, for my profession at this moment, and I’m scared for our country. There’s no better way to say it, Tucker. I’m petrified for our country right now. This is third world stuff. We don’t put politics ahead of the law. We have a democracy. We have the right to vote. We have the right to have a fair and impartial jury. And evidently, if you’re a Republican, Donald Trump, or you just don’t agree with somebody, you don’t get that, and it’s not okay.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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