If You Can’t Beat Them – Toss Them! Democrats In Michigan Are Working to Disqualify Top GOP Candidates from Ballot Due to Signature Discrepancies — Thursday Vote Blocks GOP Candidates from Governor Ballot

In October 2021 Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson ordered Michigan clerks to ignore checking the accuracy of the 2020 presidential election absentee ballots.

A judge later ruled this tactic by the far left Secretary of State was “invalid.” Benson did not go through the proper rule-making process when issuing the guidance.

Over a year later we now have proof that HUNDREDS of illegal ballot traffickers were running tens of thousands of ballots in Michigan to steal the vote for Joe Biden.

But this week the Michigan Bureau of Elections, a corrupt group that allowed the 2020 state election to be stolen by hundreds of ballot traffickers and tens of thousands of illegal ballots, disqualified the two leading Republican candidates for the upcoming gubernatorial election.

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Former Detroit police Chief James Craig and billionaire businessman Perry Johnson were knocked out of the race today by the leftist election group. The Michigan Bureau of Elections claims they do not have enough legitimate signatures on their petitions to enter the race.

Craig and Perry were both very attractive Republican candidates who were vying for the Republican challenger to wicked Gretchen Whitmer.

This was an easy way for Democrats to eliminate the competition early.

On Thursday the Board of State Canvassers voted along party lines and deadlocked on the Republican signature issue.

The result for now keeps the two top Republicans off the ballot in the fall for now.

If you can’t beat them… Toss them.

The Detroit News reported:

Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers deadlocked 2-2 Thursday, keeping, for now, five GOP candidates for governor who were entangled in an alleged wave of petition forgeries off the August primary ballot.

The elections board’s votes mean the candidates, including former Detroit police Chief James Craig and self-funding businessman Perry Johnson, will have to take their push to get their names on the Aug. 2 ballot to court.

Michigan will now likely see a high-profile legal battle play out over the signatures in the coming weeks with absentee ballots for the primary supposed to be available in less than a month.

“We have an obligation to determine whether the requisite number of qualified and registered voters have signed these petitions,” Democratic canvasser Mary Ellen Gurewitz said before the votes. “What we know is for at least 30 circulators, all of the petition signatures that they have submitted are false.”

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