“I Haven’t Played Candy Crush in Years” – Elections Director Kurt Bahr Gives Flippant Response After He’s Caught Playing Games During Public Meeting

Kurt Bahr is the poster child for election officials in the US who turned their heads on the stolen 2020 Election.  While they play games, Joe Biden and his gang are destroying the country. 

On Monday in St. Charles County, Missouri, which sits just west of St. Louis County, Elections Director Kurt Bahr was caught playing games during a County Board Council meeting covering election issues.

A number of citizens took time to analyze the results of the St. Charles County 2020 election and are calling for an audit of voting machines and ballots in St. Charles County. They believe they have enough evidence to support an audit.

County Director of Elections, ‘Republican’ Kurt Bahr, was defensive and disinterested in their request.  At the County Council meeting on Monday, Bahr played games on his phone while evidence was presented that outlined the many election issues identified by local citizens.  Pictures of him on his phone playing games went viral.  Bahr was eventually confronted on his unprofessional and disrespectful actions by Joe Hoft.

After the meeting, Bahr responded to a constituent who confronted him on his behavior. Bahr’s flippant response was shared via email.

I haven’t played Candy Crush in years. The game was Polytopia which Elon Musk loves and puts in every Tesla. You should try it. Also, that wasn’t my meeting. It was the County Council meeting and the time was for citizens to talk to the County Council. I was an invited guest to answer questions the Council had. Have you never played a game while you waited for an appointment? Do you think taking a picture over someone’s shoulder to see their phone is an invasion or privacy or just creepy voyeurism? I am taking a survey on the impropriety of that photo.

I want and trust the iPads that we bought so your statement is factually untrue. I have no idea where you are getting the percentages of voter rolls. Again I think you are dealing outside the realm of truth. It is hard to trust people when their information simply isn’t factual.

My office does in fact audit the actual paper ballots after every election. I know that the machine counts are the same as what the human eye can see. The fact that you don’t know this doesn’t change the fact that we do what you want. We just do it according to the law while practicing proper chain of custody of the ballots.

Thank you for your opinions. Please work of the accuracy of your facts.

This was the response of an elected official to questions about the election in his county? – I haven’t played Candy Crush in years?  This is how he responds to questions from concerned citizens?  (btw – the audit he mentions was a recount)

In a recent 2022 School Board election in Wentzville School District, election judges discovered that they could vote twice.  They tested this and sent communications to Bahr to explain the situation.  Bahr responded by accusing the election judges of “violating the law” and “going rogue” after they brought this issue to his attention.

Bahr’s actions and flippant response are typical of what we have witnessed following the 2020 election cycle.  Americans want free and fair elections, not this.  

Officials like Kurt Bahr who are bothered by questions and evidence of wrongdoing in elections should resign.  Elections are the bedrock of our constitutional republic. 


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