“I Don’t Want You to Worry About Paying for Nothing” – President Trump to Silk Regarding Memorial Service for Her Sister Diamond

Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson (Silk) from Diamond and Silk gave an emotional dedication on Saturday at the memorial for her sister Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  

Silk spoke from the heart and called President Trump “Her President” and thanked him for being there.  She told the story of her sister’s sudden death and her strong will.  The two women were from a big family and Diamond’s death was sudden and unexpected.

Silk talked about the vaccines and how people are dying suddenly since the vaccines were pushed on the American people.   Diamond died of sudden heart failure only a couple of weeks ago.

She also shared about the stolen election and she and her family called President Trump the real President.  She and her family told it like it is.

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After an incredible talk, Silk shared the following about President Trump and how he spoke with her the day of her sister’s untimely death.

Silk shared:

I’ve got to tell this and I pray and I hope that it is ok with President Trump.  Because he does things and it don’t get out in public and now that I have the world’s attention, I have to say this.

So, Mr. President please don’t get mad at me.

…When this man called me and we talked about, he said when I told him that Diamond had passed, he said “oh”.  He was heartbroken.

He said, “We’re going to have a nice gathering for her”… He said “I want you, I want you to do whatever you want.  I want you to have whatever you want.  And whatever you want, Diamond will have.  And I don’t want you to worry about paying for nothing…

Silk got choked up and shared the rest of the story.

Please watch this emotional segment from today’s service and how President Trump graciously gave to the family of superstars Diamond and Silk.

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