Hunter Leaves Out Key Reason Why John Paul Mac Isaac Obtained Contents of His Laptop in First Place

Yesterday Hunter Biden’s legal team went after individuals related to the release of his laptop by requesting that his father’s corrupt DOJ, the Delaware AP, and his father’s IRS investigate these individuals.

Below is the first paragraph in the letter to his father’s corrupt DOJ:

Here is a copy of the letter to the Assistant Biden Attorney General.

TRENDING: BREAKING: Hunter Biden Asks Joe Biden’s Asst. AG, Delaware AG and IRS to Go After Individuals Close to President Trump Who Shared Information from His Laptop

2023.02.01 Letter to NS AAG… by CBS News Politics

The request behind by stating that Mac Isaac gained access to Hunter’s personal computer without Hunter’s consent.  This is not true.  Hunter left the laptop with Mac Isaac to copy its contents and create a backup.  Mac Isaac eventually was able to copy the contents but only by copying small amounts of data because the laptop was so water damaged it kept shutting off.

This was the task that Mac Isaac was asked to complete.  Hunter Biden provided Mac Isaac his laptop to perform this task.  If this isn’t providing consent what is?

But the bigger issue underlying the entire case is related to contract law.  When Hunter left his laptop with Mac Isaac to perform the task of copying the data from the laptop to the hard drive provided by Hunter, he signed a contract.

This was a standard contract that Mac Isaac and any functioning store owner would ask his customers to sign before performing work.

Mac Isaac says:

I started doing the paper work before he left the shop, before I triaged the three machines.  So the paperwork said recover data from three laptops.  It also said after 90 days those laptops become my property.

The fact is Hunter Biden signed a contract that said that if he didn’t come back and obtain his laptop or the recovered data after a certain period of time, Hunter would forfeit the laptop and its contents.

Despite numerous calls to Hunter to get him to come to pick up the laptop and the flash drive with the contents, Hunter never responded and never picked up these items. 

Thankfully for America, John Paul Mac Isaac was the computer repairman who Hunter chose to repair Hunter’s laptops.  Hunter had three MacBook Pro laptops with water damage.  One was destroyed beyond repair and he gave that back to Hunter.  The other required a keyboard that he loaned to Hunter.  He never got that keyboard back.  The third laptop Hunter left with Mac Isaacs to fix.

The rest is history.  We sat down to discuss these events with Mac Isaac in July 2022.

Watch the video below with John Paul Mac Isaac where he describes the entire storyline behind his encounter with Hunter Biden:

You can read about the entire story in John Paul Mac Isaac’s book – American Injustice available today.

Hunter never paid John Paul Mac Isaac for his work.  This is what happens when you sign and don’t read a contract. 

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