HUGE! President Trump Withdraws His Endorsement of Alabama’s Mo Brooks for US Senate

THIS is big news!

President Trump announced on Wednesday that he is withdrawing his endorsement of Rep. Mo Brooks for US Senator from Alabama.

President Trump released a statement on Wednesday morning.  Trump explains that when Mo Brooks made “the horrible mistake” and “went woke” and said to put the presidential election scam “behind you” that was it.

Trump added, “If we forget the Radical Left Democrats will continue to “Cheat and Steal Elections.”

Trump withdrew his endorsment this morning.

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Via Liz Harrington.

Mo Brooks was booed in Alabama last year when he told the crowd to move on from the 2020 steal.
The people did not want to hear that.

WTH? Mo Brooks Gets Booed at Alabama Rally After Telling Crowd to Move On from 2020 Steal #UnforcedError (VIDEO)

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