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Huge Mistake? – Teen Requests Flu Shot, Then Told To Come Back For Her Second Dose: “I Never Gave Consent For The COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Injected Into My Body”

A girl from Scottsdale, Arizona alleged she was slipped a COVID-19 vaccine without her knowledge at a Walgreens in Fresno, California.

Savana Courtland made a post to Instagram detailing this horrifying experience in hopes of sharing the truth and preventing this from happening to others.

Please take the time to read…

A few days ago I went to Walgreens for a flu shot. I arrived a bit early and filled out the necessary paperwork, signing for the flu shot. As I was being given the shot the nurse said nothing to me other than asking me which arm I would like it in. She gave me the shot and as I was leaving told me to come back for my 2nd dose in 21 days. I stopped in my tracks and asked, “I’m going to need a second dose?” She ensured me that I would. Confused, I continued to walk out and that’s when I looked down at the card she gave me. It said COVID-19 vaccine. I quickly rushed to the counter (my boyfriend and his mom came with me).

The lady at the counter reassured me saying that I definitely received the flu shot, I was probably just given the wrong card. She talked to the nurse that gave me the shot and confirmed that no, the card wrong. I was given the COVID-19 vaccine instead. They proceeded to say “sorry we are super busy”, “things like this happen sometimes”, and kept repeating “we all make mistakes”. I appreciate the fact that they at least apologized but this is more than just a “little” mistake!

Nurses can’t just go around injecting people with the wrong shot. I never gave consent for the COVID-19 vaccine to be injected into my body. Regardless of one’s position on this vaccine I would hope that we can all agree that having something injected into your body should be your CHOICE. Please share this story to help prevent this from happening to others.

These things don’t just happen sometimes and if they do, who else was given the wrong vaccine by “mistake”?

Savana shared her paperwork which says that she signed up to receive the flu shot only.

Kari Lake put this news out with a warning to double-check your vile before anything is injected into your body.

Kari spoke to an Arizona woman who went to get a flu shot at a large pharmacy chain. They gave her the Covid jab instead. They apologized for the “mix-up.” She’s devastated. She didn’t want the Covid shot. If you are getting a flu shot double-check the vial BEFORE you get jabbed.


The Gateway Pundit will speak to Savana for more updates on this report.

This issue should unify all Americans to fight against medical tyranny.

The post Huge Mistake? – Teen Requests Flu Shot, Then Told To Come Back For Her Second Dose: “I Never Gave Consent For The COVID-19 Vaccine To Be Injected Into My Body” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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