Huckster Michael Avenatti Went to Court with Stormy Daniels Today Who Claims He Stole $300,000 from Her

Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels were mainstream media superheroes when President Trump was in office.  The media loved the huckster Avenatti and the stripper who was his client. 

Michael Avenatti was CNN’s toast of the town not long ago.

Unfortunately for Avenatti and Daniels their days in the sun are over.  Now the dynamic duo is at odds.  Ms. Daniels is accusing huckster Avenatti of stealing $300,000 from her while she was his client.

Daniels attorney today shared:

“This case is about a lawyer who stole from his client, a lawyer who lied to cover up for the scheme. That lawyer is the defendant, Michael Avenatti,” Assistant US Attorney Andrew Rohrbach told jurors in his opening statement…

The book’s publisher agreed to pay Daniels $800,000 in four installments for the book – but two of those payments were swiped by Avenatti, Rohrbach alleged.

The embattled lawyer forged Daniels’ signature on a letter to her literary agent, requesting the advance payments be deposited in a bank account he controlled, Rohrbach added.

The fake letter worked, the feds allege, and two of the payments – totaling nearly $300,000 – were deposited into the account and spent by Avenatti.

Avenatti’s attorney shared that Avenatti is innocent.

A few minutes later, a defense lawyer, Andrew Dalack, described Ms. Daniels as a “disgruntled former client” in a “fee dispute” with Mr. Avenatti. He added that Mr. Avenatti had lent Ms. Daniels hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money for security arrangements, to buy a car and to obtain possible “blackmail material” and was also party to an agreement that he was entitled to a “reasonable percentage to be agreed upon” of her book proceeds.

“Mr. Avenatti didn’t steal Stormy Daniels’s money,” Mr. Dalack said. “He didn’t defraud her.”

This lawsuit should be fun to watch.

first appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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