HORROR: Pregnant Mexican Woman Dies After Being Cut Open to Steal Unborn Baby

On Monday, authorities said that a young, nine-month pregnant woman from Veracruz, Mexico, was brutally murdered, and her unborn child was taken.

Rosa Isela Castro Vázquez, 20, went missing on November 30 after being contacted by strangers through Facebook who said they had free baby clothes to give away.

According to Barrons, the woman died after her womb was cut open by two assailants who stole her unborn baby.

Authorities announced that they had successfully rescued the stolen infant and arrested the man and woman suspected of committing the crime of femicide.


Femicide is generally defined as the murder of women because they are women, though some definitions include any murders of women or girls.

At the time of their arrest, they had a newborn minor with them, who was safe and sound and is already receiving attention from the corresponding authorities, according to Lahora.

On Saturday, the Attorney General of the State of Mexico announced that the body of Rosa Isela had been recovered at the Los Arrieros ranch, which is located close to the commercial and tourist port of Veracruz.

“The State Attorney General’s Office, headed by Verónica Hernández Giadáns, reports that elements of the Ministerial Police arrested Gonzalo “N” and Verónica “N” as alleged perpetrators of the crime of disappearance committed by individuals,” office of Attorney General wrote on Twitter.

Lahora reported:

As part of the investigations, the Office of the Special Prosecutor for the Investigation of Crimes of Violence Against the Family, Women, Girls and Boys, and Trafficking in Persons managed to locate two people, identified as Gonzalo “N” and Verónica “N”, who had with them to a newborn minor, who is presumably the victim’s daughter.

Both are indicated as allegedly responsible for the crime of disappearance committed by individuals and for the probable commission of the crime of feminicide .

In the next few hours they will be presented at an initial hearing before the trial judge and oral criminal procedure of the judicial district of Veracruz to determine their legal status.

Meanwhile, the case has caused great indignation among the society of a state that occupies the seventh position in the national level in criminal incidence; Only in the month of October, 6,979 crimes were reported.

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