Horrible Reviews for Joe Biden’s SOTU – Even USA Today Writer Chimes In, “Weak, Forgettable State of the Union Won’t Help His Abysmal Poll Numbers”

The reviews from Joe Biden’s State of the Union message last night are not good.  Even writers at USA Today claim his speech won’t help his “abysmal poll numbers”.

Joe Biden didn’t knock it out of the park like he needed to last night.  Reviews from the left and the right indicate it was a forgettable speech and not what he dearly needed to rejuvenate his Administration after its horrible first year.

The USA Today reports this morning in a piece from Scott Jennings:

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address offered a chance for a flagging presidency to reset and pivot, perhaps giving his party a new message to sell in the upcoming midterms.

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But for Democrats, the chance was missed. The president offered nothing new. In fact, if you had seen no news about this presidency and just watched the speech cold Tuesday night, you might assume that, politically, everything is fine for Biden.

But the reality is much different. Biden’s approval ratings in many national polls are in the upper 30s, low 40s, a terrible omen for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Many generic ballots show Republicans with huge leads, which portends the possibility of a wave that ushers Republicans into office who never even dreamed they had a chance when they filed to run.

Dana Perino from FOX News reported much the same in completely destroying Biden’s speech.  She called the speech “uninspired”.

These reviews are not surprising.  The economy is in shambles, 13 Americans are dead after his nightmare with Afghanistan, oil and gas prices are way up and Russia has invaded Ukraine.

Biden needed a miracle, instead, we got senile Joe.

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