“Hey, Man! Don’t Jump! You Look Crazy Enough to Jump!” – Joe Biden to Heckler on Balcony at Maryland Rally on Eve of Midterms (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Monday evening traveled to Bowie, Maryland to campaign for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore on election eve.

Biden repeated the same lies to the dolts in the crowd. He claimed his ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ will reduce the cost of everything.

“It’s a fundamental economic shift and it’s working!” Biden shouted.

No serious person believes this.

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Joe Biden got heckled again Monday night.

Biden shouted to the heckler on the balcony: “Hey, man! Don’t jump! You look crazy enough to jump!”


Why does Joe Biden always say this same, tired line to people on balconies?

Biden always looks up to the balcony and tells people not to jump.

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